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Labor inspection

What is the task of the Labor Inspection?

The labor Inspection makes sure that businesses and companies comply with safety laws and decrees. (For acts: see link on the home page)
Therefore the Labor Inspection is responsible for information, monitoring compliance and enforcement on the islands of the Dutch Caribbean.
There is a labor inspection available on all three islands of the Dutch Caribbean to perform these tasks.

These are primarily for labor safety and working conditions of workers in various sectors.

The inspectors also make sure that at the least the required PDF fileminimum wage is paid ( Link minimumloon ) and that the employees are working the permitted number of hours.
When an accident occurs, the employer is obliged to immediately notify the labor inspectorate. On this non-compliance are significant penalties.

Before starting a major project (building/construction) it is recommended to contact the labor inspectorate in order for them to make a thorough Risk Assessment.

Contact the Labor Inspection 

To contact the Labor Inspection please use our email or visit the addresses below:

Bonaire, Down Town (Building Civil Affairs) 1st floor.
Saba, RCN building, Old Antique Inn, The Bottom.
Statia, SZW Cottage Road z/n.

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