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Q&A's update 5 - Current status of Saba and St. Eustatius

Information number
The public information number 0800-1351 has been set up by the National Crisis Center for the inhabitants of the Netherlands.  From the islands you can call + 31 202051351

How do I find out if my family/friends on the Islands are safe?
Where can I find relatives information?
Are you looking for someone or want to report that you're safe?
Consult or report it on the website of the Red Cross:: … 
In addition, will also stay  in the air.

What is the situation on Saba?
There is a solution proposed by Saba Telephone Company (SATEL. NV)
Call 001 941 234 4762. There is a strap. Press key 416 ... followed by the country code so that the connection can be established . It only works with land lines not with Chippie. The operation of the mobile network is limited.

The roads are accessible. Before Jose passed  a new delivery of water has been made. It is expected that the water factory will work again in a few days. On Saba new water supply has been provided by Defense. It is expected that the water factory will be operational again in a few days . New supply routes for the delivery of food are  being searched for. The Hospital offers regular medications.  Application for specific medication has now  been submitted.

What is the situation on St. Eustatius?
The roads are now accessible. The fixed landlines work  but the operation of the mobile network is limited. The seaport is virtually undamaged and the airport is in order for military transport. The most urgent remains water and food. This is being acted upon now. The situation on Saba and St. Eustatius is fragile but stable despite of the necessary problems to solve.

Patient transport
All urgent dialysis patients have been transferred to hospitals in Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire.

In the event that new acute medical help is needed then these patients  will be transported with a medical helicopter from St. Maarten and Saba to St.  Eustatius, where they  will be transferred with a medical jet to one of the ABC Islands.


My medicine is limited? What is the state of affairs with regard to the provision of care?
The hospitals on Saba and St. Eustatius are open.

How do I stay informed about the latest local information?
More information you could  find online.

Did José cause damage?
The storm Jose did not cause any  significant new damage. There is now no new hurricane or storm in development.

I want to offer help from Netherlands to Caribbean island of  St. Maarten, St.Eustatius and Saba. How can I do that?
There is a citizens ' initiative in collaboration with the Red Cross, the public entity Bonaire  the NGO platform Bonaire. See Facebook page/Boneiru pa islariba/Bonaire voor de Bovenwinden.

I want to help offer from Netherlands. How can I do that?
The Red Cross has opened giro number 5125 to support the victims of the hurricane.

I have a trip booked to Saba, and St. Eustatius. Can I still go?
It is recommended that you contact the travel agency or the airline. It is also wise to closely monitor the media.  For travel information

I want to get of the island as soon as possible.
Please contact the trip leader at your  location or with the airline.  Follow the media.

Will the King, or another Minister go to the disaster area?
King Willem-Alexander has arrived in Curacao. He is  being personally informed about the assistance that is granted from Curacao to the Windward Islands after Hurricane Irma. Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations mr. Plasterk is traveling with the King. As soon as the situation permits, they will visit the affected areas in order to encourage those affected and express there compassion.

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