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Q & A's update 4 Maria - Current status of Saba and St. Eustatius

How is the situation on Saba and St. Eustatius?

According to Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, there is a great deal of damage in then harbour of Saba. The road to the gas station is not accessible for now.  It is not safe to go to the port. That is why the Island Governor has announced an emergency regulation that prohibits this. Marines pay attention to compliance. Once the situation is improved, it will be announced when the road is opened again.

According to the Island Governor it is not yet known when the harbour can be opened again. Divers will investigate the condition of the harbour.

The departments of the hospital on Saba are open again, announced the Saba Health Care Foundation. All patient appointments with specialists have been canceled until further notice.

Teachers and childcare workers have been asked to report to schools and daycare today. They are asked to prepare for the schools to open again on Friday.

All civil servants have been asked to report back to work today. On Thursday afternoon, the Public Entity offices are open to the public again. The offices of RCN are also open again.

Both the telephone and electricity connections at Saba have been restored. The office of Saba Electric Company  (SEC) are open again from September 21st.

The ATM machine in The Bottom was still empty in the morning of 21 September.

St. Eustatius
According to the  acting  Island Governor Julian Woodley, Maria has caused some damage to St. Eustatius, but less than Hurricane Irma.

He also states that the curfew in St. Eustatius has been lifted in the course of yesterday (September 20th) and that the Public Entity offices are open again as of today. The offices of RCN are also open again.

The Bethel Methodist School and Lynch Plantation SDA School will open again on Friday, so the school has announced. SKJ and MBO students can return to school today, as well as the students of the Governor de Graaff  School and the Gwendoline of Putten School.
The Mega D Youth Foundations is also open again. The lessons at the Golden Rock School begin Monday again

The Windward Islands Bank on St. Eustatius has been open to the public since today, that is what the bank has announced. The ATM machine on St. Eustatius in Mazinga Square is not yet operational, the ATM at the airport  has been refilled September 21st in the afternoon.

How many soldiers are there on Saba and St. Eustatius?
On St. Eustatius there are nine soldiers, and on Saba there are eleven. These numbers can changed according to the circumstances.

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