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Complaints Office for Healthcare CN

The Complaints Office for Healthcare Caribbean Netherlands on Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba launched on May 4th, 2015. Citizens may contact this Complaints Office with signals about the quality of care and also for questions about the possibilities for the treatment of complaints about the quality of care.
The Complaints Office is independent from healthcare providers and has been established by the Healthcare Inspectorate.
On each islands the Complaints Office is located in the RCN office.

The Complaints Office does not treat the complaints itself but it does offer assistance to the questioner for example by giving information or by referring them to the right person or agency for the treatment of a complaint or report.

Questions could be for example:

  • What can I do if I have a complaint about a healthcare provider? 
  • How do I lodge an official complaint with a healthcare provider? 
  • To whom can I give a signal about the quality of care?
  • How can I claim compensation? 

Depending on what a person wants to achieve by giving a signal or lodging a complaint, the Complaints Office may refer this person to the healthcare provider themselves, a complaints officer, a complaints commission, the Healthcare Inspectorate or – if financial compensation is claimed – to the court.

What does a person want to achieve with a complaint or signal?
Examples of what a person wishes to achieve with a complaint or signal are:

  • I want an apology
  • I want recognition of my complaint, I want to be heard
  • I want to prevent a repeat for myself and for others
  • I want to contribute to good healthcare by giving a signal
  • I want a judgement about the legitimacy of my complaint or I want measures to be taken

Consulting the Complaints Office is free of charge.

Where can people go to?
On each island the Complaints Office is located in the RCN office.
It is also possible to contact the Complaints Office by telephone or via e-mail. Please find the contact details per island below:

Name: Menouschka Frans
Telephone: (+599) 715 8886
Address: RCN office Bonaire Mall, Kaya Grandi 24, Kralendijk
Office hours: 08:00 through 17:00 hours

St. Eustatius
Name: Vivien Lopes
Telephone: (+599) 318 4706
Address: RCN office, HM Queen Beatrixstraat, Oranjestad
Office hours: 08:00 through 17:00 hours

Name: Bastiaan Janssens
Telephone: (+599) 416 5319
Address: RCN office, the Bottom
Office hours: 08:00 through 17:00 hours

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