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Healthcare Insurance


The BES healthcare insurance is the general healthcare insurance for the islands Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba. The healthcare insurance has been valid since 1 January 2011 and provides medical care and long-term care. All insured persons with an income pay a healthcare premium through income tax. The healthcare premium is calculated in relation to your income. For more information about this, you can consult the Dutch Caribbean Tax Authorities.

The healthcare insurance is based on the BES Healthcare Insurance Decree (Besluit zorgverzekering BES) and the BES Healthcare Insurance Claims Regulation (Regeling aanspraken zorgverzekering BES). 


Everyone who resides legally and works in the territory of the Dutch Caribbean is insured for healthcare on the BES islands. All insured persons are included in the insured database of the ZVK. It is possible for a person not to be listed in the insured database but that person does have a right to the healthcare insurance. Are you unsure as to whether you are included in the insured database? Contact the ZVK.


As an insured person, you may claim the healthcare included in the BES Healthcare Insurance Claims Regulation. These claims are limited and linked to conditions. 

The healthcare insurance includes in any case: 

  • General practitioner services;
  • Medical specialist care;
  • Hospital care;
  • Paramedical care;
  • Pharmaceutical care, medication;
  • Medical devices;
  • Obstetric care;
  • Maternity care;
  • Patient transport;
  • Long-term care in connection with age, an illness or handicap that may or may not be coupled with a stay in an establishment (for example, home care).


The following list contains all contracted relationships for treatments and stays:

PDF fileList of contracted healthcare providers and accommodations (In Dutch)

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